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With many tablets costing in the region of hundreds of dollars, these devices can be costly to replace – and are more fragile than you might think. While a damaged screen can be a problem for any iPad or tablet user, it isn’t the end of the world. With expert support and care, your tablet can look brand-new in next to no time. At a far more affordable rate than buying a new device would cost.

A cracked screen is the worst nightmare of many iPad users. Whether it’s due to accidentally dropping your iPad or it being damaged by pets or children, opting for professional screen repair on your iPad can soon have your device shiny and new. We’re the experts when it comes to seamless, high-quality iPad screen repair in the Henderson, NV area, providing our customers with professional services that look just as good as the original product.

Glass Replacement

As low as $99, depending on model.

Battery Replacement

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Screen Replacement

As low as $149, depending on model.


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Need an Urgent iPad Glass Replacement?

If you need to replace the glass or screen on your iPad urgently, we’re the team to call. Our in-house expert team works around the clock to provide quick, affordable, and high-end iPad glass replacement services on your schedule. Whether you need your tablet for work or it’s something you use every single day, we can have your iPad back to you in one piece as quickly as possible, with no exceptions.

Expert Tablet Screen Replacement

Alongside our iPad repair services, we also offer services and repairs for a range of other tablets. If you’ve damaged your Samsung Galaxy tablet or cracked any other type of popular tablet model, then bring it in for our team to take a look. We’ll be able to provide you with advice or offer a full screen replacement based on a no-obligation quote.

If you’re looking for a professional iPad repair services in Henderson, NV, Device Docs NV have the knowledge and experience you need. For professional-looking screen repairs and glass replacements, we’re the best in the region.

iPad Repair in Henderson, NV