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Struggling with a console that doesn’t read discs, a PlayStation 4 that’s overheating, or an Xbox One that won’t turn on? At Device Docs, we’re the experts when it comes to getting your consoles back up and running, ensuring there are plenty of hours of entertainment left in your electronics.

Our expertise in fixing and repairing game consoles of all shapes and sizes makes us the perfect fit for your needs. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose and fix a vast range of different issues with current generation consoles, whether it’s due to water damage, wear-and-tear, or simply age and use. If you’re looking for a service that will quickly restore your console to full working order at an affordable price, then Device Docs is the team you’re looking for.

Playstation Repair

Repairs for all Playstation consoles, starting at $89!

Xbox Repair

Repairs for all Xbox consoles, as low as $89!

Nintendo Repair

Repairs for all Nintendo consoles, starting at $89!


Game console repairs start at $89.

Small parts included

HDD's and PSU's are extra

We can also fix handheld consoles and older machines like the NES and PS1, but it can sometimes take a week to source parts.

The #1 PS4 Repair Shop in the Henderson Area

If you live in the NV area, and you’re struggling with a PS4 console that isn’t doing what it should, then getting in touch with us or dropping into our store is your best bet. We’ve helped to repair hundreds of PS4s just like yours, with prices that are far more affordable than replacing a console that’s past its prime. If your PlayStation isn’t reading discs consistently, has some kind of damage, or is running slowly, we can help.

An Xbox Repair Shop You Can Trust

While the era of the red ring of doom may be behind us, there’s still plenty that can go wrong with this generation’s Xbox One. Our in-house team of technicians has the knowledge and expertise to quickly and effectively diagnose and resolve problems with your console. Whether it’s replacing faulty parts, fixing ongoing issues, or providing our expertise to solve the issues with disc reading, online connectivity, overheating, and more.

If you need a console repair service in the Henderson, NV area, Device Docs has you covered. Drop into our store today or get in touch with us for a free quote on the repair of your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Game Console Repair in Henderson, NV