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Tired of using slow computers that are vulnerable to viruses? Upgrade your PC to a custom-built computer today.

Our custom PC builds are designed to your exact specifications and created with high-performance components. Whether you'd like a PC to elevate your gaming experience, or help you to complete your work more efficiently and securely, a custom-built PC is the answer.

The Device Docs Difference

Personalized to You

Would you like flashy RGB lighting in your new computer, or something more minimalist? The choice is yours!

Cost Effective

Don't fall for pre-built computers like Alienware! We can put together a computer for you for less than the competition!

Pro Cable Management

Enjoy the clean interior of your PC without all those loose wires hanging everywhere. No need to worry about your wires getting tangled!


Pricing will be dependent on your budget and what components are used.

Please contact us today to discuss what you'd like!

Your Custom PC Builder

Our custom PC builds are designed with an efficient cable management system in place. This not only frees up more space in your computer but ensures no cables are obstructing the airflow or view of your computer.

A custom PC can be built to your exact requirements and suit your individual needs and preferences. It would be impossible to find this level of personalization by simply searching for 'computer store near me' and buying a standard, pre-built PC. You can choose whatever you'd like! From rainbow RGB lighting to a more minimalist design, we can accommodate it all!

Custom Computers Built for You

Rather than using a PC builder, you may think it is easier to simply upgrade your existing PC with new parts and components. Unfortunately, when you do this, you may use parts that are not compatible and damage your PC. It is better to trust the professionals at Device Docs and let us build a compatible, highly functional PC for you.

Branded PCs from big corporations are usually created with branded components that only appeal to users because of their name recognition. An expert computer store, like Device Docs, will be able to source components for your custom PC from brands that may not be as well known but are more effective, durable, and long-lasting.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of creating a custom PC or would like to learn more about who Device Docs are, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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